SonoScape’s Laparoscopic Ultrasound Solutions

Gaining an Extra Guidance

The laparoscopic ultrasound optimises minimally invasive surgical surgeries in many ways, especially in procedures related to the liver, pancreas and biliary tract. Facilitating the localisation, leading the way of surface incision for deep lesion detection and biopsy, assisting in characterisation, ablation or resectio. SonoScape’s laparoscopic ultrasound solution provides the extra sonographic guidance, allowing you to perform complex procedures with more confidence.

  • The laparoscopic ultrasound transducer

    Wide frequency range
    Made by SonoScape, the world’s leading ultrasound manufacturer

  • Duo Medical Monitors

    An uplifted visual experience
    Side-by-side surgical and ultrasound images

Intraoperative Setting Options


Compact and versatile imaging platform


Lightening the path to detail


An immersive experience in a crystal clear world