An Immersive Experience In A Crystal-clear World

SonoScape offers a new choice to reach an ultra-high-definition (UHD) image quality in minimally invasive surgeries. The newly launched SV-M4K30 Image Processor makes it possible to view on a much bigger screen without compromise. No details are lost even when the image is zoomed in twice. At a high level of vision clarity, you and the whole OR team are able to immerse yourselves in a crystal-clear world.

SonoScape’s 4K system comes with the VIST1 technology. VIST enhances the details of the mucosa and the blood vessels, and my help surgeons in lesion detection and in vivo diagnosis.

Multi-LED Light Source
Maximized optical effect, minimal light loss

SV-M4K30 employs a multi-LED light source with a life span of 10,000 hours. You will obtain a noticeable brighter, high quality image, and impressive staining effect.

1VIST: Versatile Intelligent Staining Technology

Camera Head

High performing, Functional and Ergonomic

3-CMOS image sensor
Focal lens 16-32mm
2X optical zoom
Customizable buttons
Universal C-mount
IPX7 waterproof

The Rigid Scope Portfolio

A sublime match

Pair with 2K/4K system
HD image quality
New small disameter rigid scopes

Medical Monitor

An uplifted visual experience

26-inch surgical display
Advanced user interface
Excellent depth perception
Smart cable management system
Scratch-resistant front glass