Triumphing “On-Air”

1970-01-01 08:33:43

HD-550 with 4-LED light source:
Launch in “Málaga Live 2020”

The deep impact of COVID-19 on Spain didn’t impair the plan of SonoScape and its local partner in bringing the latest endoscopy system to the country. In a coordinated effort, the clinical launch in Europe of HD-550 with 4-LED light source took place at the Hospital Quiron Salud Málaga on the occasion of “Málaga Live 2020”. Respecting the safety consensus under the pandemic, Prof. Pedro Rosón, the Course Director, demonstrated two cases on the newly introduced system and streamed them on the event website.

Live demo at “Endoscopy on Air”

Despite vacant congress halls, the post-viral era brings no fewer exciting meetings and learning opportunities. While showcasing a product online is utterly different, proving its quality stays exactly the same. Amongst these, SonoScape’s 4-LED equipped HD-550 has come under the spotlight in this non-traditional, but incredible way. After the launch in “Malaga Live 2020”, the system appeared on two live demos of “Endoscopy on Air”. This first worldwide marathonlike Endoscopy Live conference on June 5th was led by two professors, Italian Alessandro Repici and German Thomas Rösch, and it included faculty and endoscopy units from 12 cities of 5 continents.

Live case streaming has become a necessity for excellence in endoscopy conferences for the past years, although the current situation accelerates its adoption in the new normal. Even it was only accessed by the endoscopists in a digital space, the performance of 4-LED equipped HD-550 left the audience with a remarkably positive impression. First, in Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital of Fudan University, Prof. Zhou Ping-Hong, a global elite doctor, gracefully torqued the 550 gastroscope and completed a smooth submucosal tunneling endoscopic resection (STER), in treating an esophagus submucosal tumor (SMT).

When the camera roll moved to Milan, Dr. Roberta Maselli, scoped a patient with gastric antralvascular ectasia (GAVE) using the same system – a case where SonoScape’s image quality and versatility were thoroughly illustrated. After an endoscopic observation under high definition white light, Dr Maselli switched to SFI, one of the chromoendoscopy modes. The aspect of “watermelon stomach” with extensive vascular ectasias and patchy erythema, were clearly revealed as it became much more noticeable under this light mode. By this time, the participants who were connected on the platform of “Endoscopy on Air” had already exceeded 20,000.

Although facing challenges of this transformational time for industry conferences, SonoScape’s HD 550 with 4-LED light source received high appraisals from the endoscopist community, both online and off.