SonoScape marks new milestones to improve health care in Bolivia

1970-01-01 08:33:43

The picturesque destinations in Bolivia boast earthly beauty and the richness of wildlife. In recent years, the country’s health care administration has been constantly evolving to rise up to new challenges, among other things, figuring out a path by investing in the procurement of medical devices to address the increasing health care needs of growing communities. Currently, expanding quality access to better medical care including an upgrade of emergency care, especially diagnostic imaging, laboratory, and observation services are the top priorities for the government.

On February 18, 2020, in the garden city of Cochabamba, Bolivia, the country joined interim President Jeanine Añez, interim Chairman of Government Arturo Murillo, Minister of Health Anibal Cruz of Bolivia, and welcomed 54 portable SonoScape X3 ultrasound systems, 54 neonatal beds, and 43 microscopes under a national government procurement program, allowing clinicians to get access to the right tools for better diagnosis and treatment.

“For the past decade, we’ve increased the number of medical facilities by 50%, and this time we are investing USD 2 million to better equip 80 hospitals in cities and towns across Bolivia for improved patient outcomes”, said Jeanine Añez, interim President of Bolivia.

“We are planning to build more hospitals and medical schools to deliver quality care that our communities deserve”, commented by Anibal Cruz, Minister of Health of Bolivia.

Bolivia is regarded as a highland country. The portability and flexibility features of SonoScape X3 provide a true solution for its health care demands. The clinical evaluations have set SonoScape X3 apart for its comprehensiveness designed for any clinical setting and exceptional imaging technologies that help improve first-time-right diagnosis and perform faster exams.

Another pressing issue for health care facilities in Bolivia is the medical staff-patient ratio. SonoScape helped to standardize the ultrasound imaging education in the largest integrated ultrasound school Funcipro in Bolivia, making leading-edge imaging knowledge accessible to over 2,000 students nationwide.

"Delivering quality care requires our clinical teams to be educated with the latest development in medicine. Partnering with SonoScape ensures our ongoing access to advanced ultrasound knowledge and skills which benefit all Bolivians", said the Principal of Funcipro, "SonoScape is one of the leaders in medical ultrasound solutions and the collaboration will provide hospitals in Bolivia with access to the latest diagnostic imaging solutions, and eventually improve lives".