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1970-01-01 08:33:43

To better reach our customers more quickly throughout Europe, SonoScape is proud to announce the opening of our latest facility in Netherlands, SonoScape Medical Netherlands B.V. Situated near the Amsterdam International Airport SonoScape will be able to maximize support for current and future customers for both our endoscopy and ultrasound products. Thanks to this centralized location next to one of the busiest international airports in Europe, we will be able to get you your products faster as well service and repair them faster so that they can return to work at hospitals and clinics.

Coinciding with the opening of SonoScape’s new Netherlands subsidiary, we held a training course for basic endoscopy maintenance. The first of many such training courses for our customers Europe where we plan to cover basic and advance levels of maintenance and operation for our endoscopy and ultrasound products.

In the case of this training we hoped to pass on crucial knowledge about how to maximize the life span and effectiveness of our endoscopy systems. In this way it is our hope to ensure that these scopes can be as beneficial as is possible for doctors and patients.

Leading the participants through the training, our representatives and onsite engineers gave detailed lessons covering the ins and outs of how to maintain, clean, and trouble shoot the endoscopy system and most importantly the scopes. Steps that are expected to be performed regularly to ensure consistent and smooth use of the scopes. In addition to these daily maintenance steps participants were also taught about the process that goes into repairing the endoscopy scopes. An involved and complex process that requires detailed knowledge of the inner workings of the scopes. However our participants but proved to be up to the challenge and by the end of the first week each participant passed SonoScape’s endoscopy training with flying colors and walked away happily with certificates in hand.

In the coming months and years SonoScape will continue to hold training courses such as this out of our Netherlands subsidiary. Such as the advance course that these participants will soon take to complement the skills they have learned in this basic training course.

We look forward to offer what we know at these future training courses and are excited to announce that we are here in Netherlands, ready to help!